Path2Story Ch. 42, “School Time!”

If you want to keep your children educated during this time of upheaval; if having them stay home with nothing to do is a bit daunting; or if letting their education lose its traction in your children is of any concern, then maybe giving these sites a try will help.

For 3 years, 2nd grade to 5th grade, I attempted to ‘home-school’ my kids (they’re triplets) while my health was manageable. To do this, I created my own curriculum. I did that mainly for 2 reasons: cost and pride. We didn’t have the money to invest in the curriculums I wanted for my children, and the ‘cheaper’ versions were not good enough for them. So, I took up the task of creating my own for them.

I used multiple free education sites for the ‘text’ work:,,, and, online dictionaries,, and filled in the gaps left by the main 4 or answered any questions. Anything else I supplemented with my own educational background, or with Google searches which helped to save my kids from becoming like Adam Sandler’s home-schooled character in his movie, ‘Water Boy’. often provided videos and a 10 question quiz after their articles which helped my kids to engage with what they read. was super handy in making various math handbooks that I would print out for them. was perfect for educational videos of different geographical locations, as well as for things like learning languages- Spanish For Beginners | Spanish 101 with Dr. Danny Evans was our favorite. You do need to use caution when using youtube or any other internet site. It is best to visit them first before subjecting your children to them, especially youtube. provided a great list of words by grade to study and strengthen my kids’ vocabulary. Weekly trips to our local library also provided them with great opportunities to expand their knowledge in various subjects.

Enjoy time with your kids, and help them to see the importance of education no matter what virus is circling the globe.