Path 2 Story Ch. 49 “Gwendolyn’s Lullaby”

Last November I unveiled a project my daughter and I had been working on for a number of years. It all began with a declaration and/or a request. “I want to do a lullaby album, dad!” is how I remember it. “Do you want to do a lullaby album, Gwen?” is how she remembers it. Either way, from there our journey began amongst treasure-keeping-waterfalls, magical forests and mystical beaches. Mermaids, sprites, a dragon and many others greeted us on our way to find the greatest treasure known to humankind, among our common daily toil, the valued treasure of rest.

So go ahead, find a place to lie down and listen in on 8 stories and 1 hymn to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May they guide you to a priceless nap time, and may you have the most fantastic of dreams.

A word about Dreams: Sometimes, story becomes more real than our days IRL, or at least during our sleep IRL. Long before the meta-verse sought to create a convenient digital version of life in which we could live and work out our days, there was another reality sought by prophets and seers across the world and throughout history, the realm of dreams. For more than being a source of entertainment while sleeping, dreams at times unraveled the future. They spanned time and realms of reality, many of which were often beyond the grasp of where we currently find ourselves and were filled with mystical creatures beyond imagining. Yet, somehow they interacted with our story here.

Again, for children and adults alike, find that safe place and take a moment or two. Listen to Gwendolyn’s Lullaby, take a nap and trust yourself in the hands of Your Maker. Perhaps God has a dream for you.